Call Center

Call Centers

    • A call center is a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone.
    • A call center is operated by a company to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers.
    • Outgoing calls for telemarketing, clientele, product services, and debt collection are also made.
    • In addition to a call center, collective handling of letters, faxes, live chat,
      and emails at one location is known as a contact center.
    • A call center is often operated through an extensive open workspace for call center agents, with work stations that include a computer for each agent, a telephone set/headset connected to a telecom switch, and one or more supervisor stations.
    • It can be independently operated or networked with additional centers, often linked to a corporate computer network, including mainframes, microcomputers
      and LANs. Increasingly, the voice and data pathways into the center are linked
      through a set of new technologies called computer telephony integration (CTI).


  • Web Administration
  • Do-Not-Call List Support
  • Support for breaks generation and configuration
  • Support for integration of external application (CRM, forms)
  • Support for forms design
  • Support for generation of scripts by campaign and by queues
  • Storage of attention script
  • Support for retries in outgoing campaigns
  • Support for reports exporting to spreadsheets, PDF, and CSV
  • Web-based agent console
  • Customs forms according to the service
  • Different script to read for agent according to the queue
  • Support for call transfer from console
  • Ability to place a call on hold
  • Support for ingoing and outgoing campaigns
  • Support for call schedule in outgoing campaigns
  • Support for call schedule assigned to the same agent
  • Support for call back log-in, Which doesn’t require the agent to keep the handset off hook Execution of multiple simultaneous campaigns
  • Monitoring of agent assigned to a call
  • Support for call recording by queues
  • Predictive dialing
  • Support for configuration of short call threshold
  • Maximum wait configuration of a dialed call
  • Support for activation/deactivation of prediction
  • Automatic calling from a list of numbers
  • Asynchronous events assignment
  • Ability to make VoIP Vlans for call center agents and internal employees extensions
  • Support for calling privileges per agent/extension
  • Ability to determine daily quota for every agent/extension for dial out calls
  • Accurate Expectation for the telecom bill
  • Support for remote call center agents and remote extensions
  • Flash operator panel 2 for easier supervision and management of the call center